HEVAC - Our Philosophy


HEVAC seeks to be a pro-active association collaborating with similar industry groups and government departments to strengthen sustainability as an essential component of resource efficiency. With this positive approach to improving product performance, system design and client awareness, the association is in a strong position to influence policies, legislation and standards affecting the air conditioning, ventilation and related heating market.


HEVAC’s structure of numerous specialist groups reflects the reality of the diverse range of solutions to indoor air quality and comfort. Hence, the industry experts in a certain technology are free to approach the issues of direct and specific concern to them. Whenever possible, the different views of the specialists will be coordinated into an agreed position, strengthening the collective input to consultations or representations.


As the representative voice of HVAC equipment suppliers, HEVAC promotes and defends the interests of its member companies. It does so in a number of ways : by participating in relevant scientific and policy debates; by being a prime source of information, and by formulating technical guidance.

Groups within HEVAC

HEVAC conducts the majority of its business within specialist groups.

These groups meet three or four times a year, and they deal with issues and topics that directly affect their businesses. As well as the more formal part of the meeting, members find the informal networking over lunch to be an invaluable benefit of membership.


HEVAC acknowledges the need to be more than a trade body exclusively protecting the commercial interests of its member companies. Those businesses offer products and services which are essential to the safety, well-being and comfort of the public. That induces a sense of responsibility which extends beyond business commitments to an understanding that HEVAC members have a significant role to play in protecting the environment. A key contribution they make is in the area of energy efficiency, now recognised as an essential route to conserving energy.