HEVAC takes the IAQ initiative

HEVAC has taken up the challenge of promoting good Indoor Air Quality within FETA. HEVAC, which is the building services division of FETA represents companies involved in supplying heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and equipment for all domestic, commercial, industrial, government and public utilities.

It will be seeking to open up the debate on the topic of IAQ in the media, and encouraging all those with an interest in IAQ - employers, architects, building owners and users, developers, facility managers, health and safety officers and letting agents to gain access to the facts quickly and easily.


An IAQ group was originally set up in 2017, and this has now been relaunched, with the objective of highlighting the issues surrounding IAQ and to give members with an interest in this topic a forum to discuss issues effecting industry.

IAQ – the challenge

The latest research shows that the vast majority of people in offices want to work in clean, fresh, pure air. Many individuals with decision-making powers still feel uncertain about whether mechanical ventilation and full air conditioning is healthy. They also want to know about its impact on energy use and the environment and if such issues as sick building syndrome play a part in the subject of IAQ. The time has arrived to establish what is going on and specify precisely what is and what is not good for people in work and living places of all kinds - commercial, industrial, domestic, government, hospitals and of course places of leisure.

HEVAC's IAQ Group has been formed specifically to promote the benefits of good quality indoor air. It will achieve this goal by creating a more wide-spread understanding of the conditions and constituents of good indoor air quality and by underlining the problems that can be encountered if these key elements are not employed.