Why use a Group Member?

The membership is committed to the correct application of Humidification and so can be relied upon to provide impartial guidance with applications.

Why is Humidification Important?

Humidity is essential for a great many Industrial, Commercial and Domestic situations.

Maintaining a Relative Humidity (RH) of 40 - 60% contributes to a healthy and comfortable environment. It also eliminates the build-up of static electricity.

Let the RH fall below 40% and staff will start to suffer from dry eyes, respiratory problems and electric shocks. The Close Control of Humidity is also important to many industrial processes, where it helps to optimise quality and productivity. It also helps to provide the correct environment for the storage of products and produce and their preservation.

Group Objectives

  • To promote an understanding of the importance and benefits of correct Humidity Control.
  • To work with the HEVAC Association, to actively promote national and international policies relating to Humidity Control.
  • To participate in the drafting of UK regulations, codes of practice and European Standards relating to Humidity Control.
  • To prepare and publish information that will assist those responsible for the selection and application of humidity control equipment (Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, Humidity Sensors etc..), as well as the commissioning and maintenance of this equipment.