Role of the Training & Skills Group

The Group has been established to advise the FETA Board on Training & Skills needs across all the FETA associations, acting as a thought leader for the Federation to help the individual associations and groups to enable them to put in place training and skills development initiatives to achieve the desire by Government to improve competencies in line with the Building Safety Act. It is also responsible to highlight best practices in the associations and groups to enable all parts of the Federation. It will have responsibility for initiating external communications on training and skills.

Powers of the Training & Skills Group

The Group has the authority to make recommendations on positions to the Board and may also have delegated powers from time to time, as deemed appropriate by the Board.

It can also make recommendations to Associations to enable feedback on issues within its role.


The membership is open to training experts of a FETA association. It will ideally have a mix of large company, SME and Micro SME in its membership.


The chair will be elected from the members of the Group. A Vice Chair will also be appointed which will be covered by the CE for the time being. Ideally, the chair and vice chair should be from a small SME/micro entity and large company/SME, or vice versa, to have a balanced leadership team. The positions will be re-elected every two years.

The Group meets approximately six times a year.