FETA Committee – FETA Board

The Board comprises the senior officers of all 6 Associations

Chairman FETA Board

Alan Macklin

Alan Macklin Associates
Chief Executive FETA

Chris Yates

FETA www.feta.co.uk
President ADCAS

David Baldock

Hotchkiss Ltd www.hotchkiss.co.uk
Past President ADCAS

Malcolm Moss

President BCIA

Stacey Lucas

Sontay Ltd. www.sontay.com
Past President BCIA

Graeme Rees

Schneider Electric Building UK Ltd www.schneider-electric.co.uk
President BFCMA

Dennis Milligan

DenMil Consultant
President BRA

Neil Roberts

Climalife IDS Refrigeration Limited www.climalife.co.uk
Vice President BRA

Paul Arrowsmith

Sainsburys Supermarkets Limited www.sainsburys.co.uk
Past President BRA

Mark Hughes

Chemours UK Limited www.chemours.com
President HEVAC

Alan Macklin

Alan Macklin Associates
Vice President HEVAC

Barry Trewhitt

Advanced Air www.advancedair.co.uk
Past President HEVAC

Paul White

Ventilation Fire Smoke Ltd www.ventilationfiresmoke.com
Chairman HPA

Craig Dolan

Glen Dimplex UK Limited www.dimplex.co.uk
Past Chairman HPA

Phil Hurley

Nibe Energy Systems Ltd www.nibe.co.uk

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