Our History

Parts of FETA can trace their origins back to the early days of fan manufacturing and the expansion of refrigeration in UK as part of the war effort in the 1940s. Over time additional groups formed as technology changed and they combined into associations, which agreed to band together to form FETA in 1984. This cost-effective model then attracted further associations to join. The long history of representing diverse commercial interests continues to this day, as does the tradition of forming new specialist groups to match advances in products and technology.

Key Events

During its thirty year history, FETA has seen and been involved in many important developments in the building services and wider construction sectors. By working with its member associations, FETA has created a strong network of support and influence. In turn, the member groups of FETA have been able to give their member companies a greater voice in their industries. FETA looks forward to continuing this work for many years to come.

Are you interested in becoming a member of one of the associations within FETA?